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उच्चैठ, कालिदास स्थान, uchaith shakti peeth

Uchchaith Siddhpith Benipatti, Madhubani, Bihar

Uchaith Shakti Peeth (Bhagwati)

In the village of Benipatti in the Madhubani district of Bihar, the temple of the mother Kaali’s Siddhapeeth, Ukaitha Bhagwati is situated. This temple has a historical significance, it was here that the great poet Kalidas was given a boon by Mother Kali and the foolish Kalidas became famous as a great poet only after getting the blessings of the mother. The idol of the goddess is carved on a black stone on this bench. Here Maa Singh sits on a lotus seat. Only the shoulder portion of the mother is visible. She is also known as Chinnamastika Durga due to not having a head. There is a crematorium near the temple of Mata where Tantra Sadhana is performed even today. It is believed that the incarnated goddess Maa Durga is self-effacing here and whatever comes here, her wish is definitely fulfilled. It is popularly believed that the mother definitely fulfills whatever the devotee demands from the high God Bhagwati. Therefore, people worship him as Siddhidatri, the ninth form of Durga, and also as Kamna Purti Durga. Lord Sri Rama also reached Ukaitha during his visit to Janakpur.

How to fool Kalidas became a scholar Kalidas

The ancient belief is that there was a Sanskrit school on its east side and there was a huge river between the temple and the school. Disappointed with his erudite wife Vidotama, Mahamurakh Kalidas came to the ascendancy of Mother Bhagwati and started cooking for the residential students of that school. Once there was a severe flood and the river flow was so much that the students who used to do the work of burning the evening lamp in the temple were unable to go, Kalidasa was ordered to know the great head and to burn the lamp this evening. Come and at the same time put a sign of the temple to make it a fact that he was in the temple. So much was to be heard that Kalidas immediately jumped into the river and somehow reached the floating temple and lit a lamp and offered prayers. Now it was the turn of the temple to put some mark to prove that they lit the lamp. When Kalidas could not see anything, he put the soot of the lit lamp on his hand. Now, if they did not show anything to make a mark, then the foolish Kalidas soothed the clear face of Mother Bhagwati, then the mother appeared and said, “Oh fool!” You have come to light the lamp after putting your life at risk. Be it stupidity or devotion but I want to give you a boon. Kalidas recounted his humiliation as his wife shunned his wife because of his stupidity. Hearing this, the goddess gave a boon that whatever book you touch this night, you will be memorized. Kalidas returned and touched the books of all the students and later became a learned poet and composed Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Kumar Sambhav, Meghdoot, etc. Even today, the river remains of that school near the temple. Kalidasa’s life-related paintings are depicted in the temple courtyard.

How to reach the place of high altitude goddess

Ukaitha Devi place is located 6 kilometers from Benipatti. The nearest railway station is Madhubani. It is connected to all four directions by road. If you do not have your own car then you can also go by bus. It is connected to Darbhanga, Sitamarhi, and Madhubani by Siddhapeeth road. It is easily accessible from these places by bus and taxi. Devotees continue to visit the high-altitude Bhagwati throughout the year, but on the occasion of Navratri, a large number of people come here to visit the mother. On this occasion, sacrifices are offered and special poojas are organized.

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