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Kalachakra Festival

First I will tell you what Kalachakra is. Kalachakra is used in Vajrayana Buddhism which means ‘time cycle’ or ‘wheel of time’. Kalachakra system is a concept three cycle of time i.e. internal, external and alternative. Kalachakra is a Buddhist festival which organized in Bodhgaya, a sacred Buddhist site where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment wisdom. Kalachakra offers a unique opportunity where a large number of people come together to receive the Dalai Lama’s precious Kalachakra initiation and teaching. Kalachakra is a powerful Tantric teaching helps to create peace in an individual soul. Kalachakra is a festival of meditation and teachings that covers a process of reincarnation of a person where the person vows to be kind to all human beings.

The ancient festival includes meditation, prayers, vows, teachings and dance with the aim of bringing the peace in the world. In this festival Dalai Lama teaches the audience to lead a path of peace where the positive energies are generated in the body.

Kalachakra 2017 Bodhgaya

It is 34th Kalachakra which is going to be held from 3rd January to 14th January, 2017 in Bodhgaya, the India state of Bihar. It is fifth time the Kalachakra is going to be held in Bodhgaya, a sacred place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. It will be 12 days initiation where thousands of devotees are expected to assemble in this town from all over the world. One will feel great inner tranquility and peace after the initiation. Kalachakra’s philosophy is at the highest level of Buddhism where you will learn how to live a healthy and positive life without smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. You will have to attend the speech with pure mind away from hateful, angry and selfish thoughts. And at last your inner peace will help you to be positive in every way and you will experience great happiness.

Kalachakra Initiation and Practise.

Kalachakra initiation is for world peace. There are always 12 days of initiation where first eight days are of preparation rituals where monks make the ‘Mandala’ and then initiate the students, after which they are allowed to see the sand Mandala in fourteen different colours. During the initiation all student vows to respect the teachings. The receiver of the Kalachakra empowerment must possess qualities like the receiver has to be a good listener and should be disciplined and positive. Dalai Lama remarks Kalachakra as the teaching of our time because the real Kalachakra teaching of Shambhala has been secretly present on the Earth and throughout the Galaxy for over a million years.

Initiations of entering like a child:

  • The Water – This initiation is similar to a mother washing her child immediately after birth.
  • The crown – This initiation is similar to the binding of child’s hair.
  • The ribbon – This initiation is similar to piercing child’s ear and arraying it with ornament.
  • The Vajra – This initiation is similar to child’s laughing and talking.
  • The discipline – This initiation is similar to child’s enjoyment of the five desirable sense objects.
  • The name – The initiation is similar to the naming of child.

After attending the Dalai Lama’s initiation the philosophy helps us to reach pure inner world which is full of positivity. The festival ends when monks release positive energy of the Mandala to the whole world. But all this you can learn when you will understand everything by paying attention without gossiping and saying unkind things.  Then each individual can find inner peace with pure body and mind. So if you are searching for your inner peace then you can attend the Kalachakra festival and interact with your inner self.

Kalachakra Mantra


The mantra is a combination of four vajra syllables of the body, speech, mind and wisdom. The ‘OM’ denites the Vajra of body, ‘AH’ denotes the Vajra of speech, ‘HUM’ denotes the Vajra of mind, and ‘HOH’ denotes the Vajra of wisdom. The second syllables ‘HUM’ denotes ‘father Kalachakra’ and ‘KSHAH’ denotes ‘Vishvamata’.

The next syllables ‘MA’ is the basis for inestimable mansion of Kalachakra.

The four next syllables denote earth, fire, water and wind. ‘LA’ stands for Earth, ‘VA’ stands for Fire, RA” stands for Water and ‘YA’ stands for Wind.The last two syllables ‘HUM PHET’ signifies the blessings on hearing the Mantra brings benefit for all sentiment beings.

Kalachakra Mandala

Mandala means centre of the circle with exterior walls which can be created by crushed precious stones, flowers, dyed rice or coloured sand. These materials are considered as the most precious substance with the blessings of ritual process. There is a vast spiritual energy recites in entire Kalachakra Mandala. The Kalachakre is given on the basis of a Mandala and the five Mandalas of enlightened body, enlightened speech, enlightened mind, enlightened wisdom, and Lotus flower centre – Great bliss. Each mandala is a sacred home of meditational deity. This Mandala created to support meditation and helps to achieve what you want to achieve. A Mandala is a symbolic representation of specific tantra and in these tantra all elements in Mandala refers to the Universe, the practice, the body and mind. According to Buddhism there are 6 elements of Mandala in Universe; space, wisdom, earth, water, fire, air. The main purpose of Mandala is to acquaint the student to enter into the state of being in which the deity dwells.

Kalachakra schedule 2017

Kalachakra is generally continued for 12 days period. The first three days of Kalachakra from 3 – 5 January are dedicated to preparation of rituals which prepare the venue. The preparation of rituals is performed by Dalai Lama, Monks of Namgyal Monastry and senior lamas, in which they do prayers, create sand Mandala and do other important ritual. After the completion of Mandala and initiation devotees are allowed to see sand Mandala. From January 6 – 8 his holiness Dalai Lama will give primary teachings on the way to live a perfect life and interact with inner soul. On 9 January the kalachakra ritual dance will perform by the monks of Namgyal Monastry. His Holiness Dalai lama will initiate students from 10 – 13 January. On last day i.e. 14 January, a ceremony offering prayers for long life of Dalai Lama will be performed. The ceremony wraps up leaving a serene environment and positive energy in the world.

Kalachakra 2017 location

34th Kalachakre 2017 is going to held in Bodhgaya, a small town in Gaya district located approx 100 km away from Patna, capital of Bihar, India. Bodhgaya is known as a sacred place for Buddhist pilgrims and centered on Mahabodhi Temple which is famous because of the fact that Gautam Buddha obtained enlightenment under the sacred Bodhi tree. The temple was declared as the world heritage site by UNESCO in 2002. So if you are finding your inner peace and wat to obtain some good values to help all Human beings then you can visit Bodhgaya during Kalachakra festive time from 3-17 January, 2016.

Travel to Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is a sacred site for Buddhist pilgrims located in Gaya District of Bihar, India. The town is associated with the famous Mahabodhi Temple which is famous because Gautam Buddha has gained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree which is located inside the temple. There is a beautiful lotus pond and meditation garden in Mahabodhi temple. Bodhgaya has many Buddhist temples and monasteries where you can visit and enjoy some peaceful time alone. Bodhgaya is known to be the holiest place for Buddhism followers from all over the world.

Indian Visa information

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Kalachakra Registration

Registration process for Kalachakra is online and it is only for Monks, Nuns, Indian and foreign devotees. One has to provide their relevant information to register online. Online registration free for Kalachakra festival through India Taxi Online. Once the online registration will open you we will update it on indiataxionline.co.in.
Please carry you ID proof such as Adhaar card, voter ID card, Passport (for foreign tourist) along with your registration form at the registration counter at Bodhgaya.

Kalachakra FAQ’s

Que – 1) When and where is the Kalachakra is going to be held in 2017?

Ans) Kalachakra festival is going to be organized from 3rd January, 2016 to 14th January, 2017 in Bodhgaya, Bihar.

Note: – Dates may change for Kalachakra 2017 and if there would we any change then you can get update from our website.

Que – 2) What is unique about Kalachakra?

Ans)  The principal characteristic which makes Kalachakra unique is its unique Buddhist rituals, Mandalas, Mantras, and initiations by Dalai Lama. Kalachakra teachings will help you to meet you inner positive soul.

Que – 3) Do I need registration to attend Kalachakra 2017?

Ans) Yes, registration is required to join Kalachakra 2017. You can apply online or we can help you to register for Kalachakra festival.  Online and in-person registration for Kalachakra is free; No one can charge any fees from anyone to attend Kalachakra festival.

Que – 4) Can I get Kalachakra 2017 tour package?

Ans) Yes, you can get packages for Kalchakra from India Taxi Online. We have best drivers and vehicle facilities at an affordable rate. We are expert in the field of spiritual journey and Kalachakra is currently our flagship program.

Que – 5) What is accommodation like in Bodhgaya?

Ans) In previous Kalachakra which was organized in Ladakh, approx 300,000 devotees attended the initiation and this time it could get more crowded so it is advisable to book hotel, guest house in advance. There are many options to stay in Bodhgaya so the accommodation is not a big issue.

Que – 6) Can I get flight tickets for Bodhgaya?

Ans) Flight tickets for Delhi to Bodhgaya and back to Delhi is the major concern for devotees because flight tickets usually sold out very fast. Either you have to book your tickets 2-3 months before or you can hire a cab and go Bodhgaya by road.

You can contact us @9540000804 for further information about the trip.

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